October 06, 2016

Introducing Fotografie ― My Photography Store.

When I began studying photography, I unlocked a new dimension within myself. For six years, I found solace and the ability of liberal expression in writing but I had quietly appreciated fine art throughout this. It wasn't until studying the medium of photography that I began to unveil a portion of my soul which was previously invisible to me.

Earlier this year, I revealed that I had written my first photographic novel which is, indeed, OXYGEN blends photography and associate prose to invite you to read a tale about how the dark realities of the 20th century sexual revolution have impacted the current generation of young/new adults ― in particular, a woman under the alias of Ava Quinn. The book will be released early next year.
In literature and fairy-tale, love comes in threes: the protagonist, the love interest, and the antagonist. For centuries, these stories have kept the hopes of many a young child that love will always win. 
But when it does not, how does one live on? 
Oxygen explores the realities of love when it is not always requited nor honest and the perils of overcoming the pain of enduring this. Wilkins continues to question the ethical and moral correctness of the world as she has done in her previous works but this time, she takes the nerve and strikes it hard.
Having had such a successful reception to my work, I'm very excited to unveil FOTOGRAFIE ― my photography store! I've been pondering whether to launch Fotografie for quite some time now and I'm very intrigued to see the outcome of this venture. Fotografie is a collection of selected bodies of work that can be ordered in one of four print options:


A5 MATTE (£3.99)
A5 GLOSS (£4.99)
with FRAME (£7.99)


MATTE (£7.99)
GLOSS (£8.99)
with FRAME (£10.99)


20x30cm (£10.99)
with FRAME (£16.99)