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Hello lovely readers, the most romantic holiday of the year is fast approaching. That’s right; Valentine’s Day will be here in five days! Spouses, partners, and dates will be rushing around hysterically looking for a gift for their other half. There will be people stocking up on Ben & Jerry’s and then others that will be waiting in line for Fifty Shades of Grey. Valentine’s will be as diverse as ever this year and I’m here with a special guest this evening with my Valentine’s must-haves. Lingerie must-haves, that is.

For the prior few years, New York-based lingerie brand, Adore Me, has been redefining and enhancing the importance of luxury lingerie at an affordable price. With a collection that vastly explores the many genres of lingerie, Adore Me caters to every style for every woman which brings me to the topic of their newest collection.

The Valentine's Be Sexy collection is designed to raise a woman's self-esteem and remind her that her body can and will be adored just the way it is by that special someone. So without further ado, I am breathing life into the collection by categorizing my favourite pieces in the popular genres of the writing world and displaying why they would be worn by that particular category.

The Cherry Babydoll and Panty set represents everything a romance writer would be; frisky, seductive, and sensual. Romantic love between two people is all about an emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending which is why this particularly appetising babydoll is perfect for an evening of celebrating the love between two people with a soft and subtle edge.

The erotica writer is the most risqué lingerie wearer in the writing world. They’re unapologetic focus on lust and sex and the continuous drive that powers a story consisting of only that is what makes the Tatiana Unlined Bra and Panty set the ideal choice. It’s sultry take on a typical burlesque tease act with it's lace coating and brave insets is tantalizing and is set from the start to get the blood pumping of not only the partner, but the woman herself too. This would immediately be my first purchase from the Be Sexy collection.

When it comes to Chic-Lit, it is all about the playful side of romance. It loves love and doesn’t apologize for its bouncy attitude. The Hazel Corset and Panty set is reminiscent of that typical hopeless romantic with its red tones and frilly hem. Despite being a corset, this set could be labelled as the most committed and innocent but equally sexy product from the collection.

Fantasy romance is closely knit with erotica, focusing on the relationship and exploring the fantasies that we readers may never voice. It offers a blend of magic and clandestine, tempting us readers to continue. The Porche Babydoll and Panty set illustrates effortlessly (and literally) the thin strands that stand in the way of exploring a land that looks nothing short of delectable. Salacious and suggestive lingerie buyers, this rip-able piece is for you!

Poetry is, perhaps, the most elusive form of writing. Its ambiguity is what entices the reader to enquire and analyse the meaning of each verse and, ultimately, leaves the reader wanting more. As a poet myself, I can honestly say that we poets are the most surprising people to meet. We aren’t defined by any one thing. For this reason, the Roxy Boned Bustier and Panty set is not only the pick for this genre but is my No. 1 Valentine’s must-have. The sheer material depicts the level of mysteriousness and the type of style of the product offer clarity that the poet may not always be what they seem.

As a diverse lingerie addict, you can understand how I fell in love with this collection. It suits a variety of moods and styles and you're guaranteed to win with every item! 

So grab yourself a sexy set from Adore Me and be the hottest girl around town on Valentine's! 



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