Summer with Boston Tea Party.

TLW: Summer has officially arrived and the healthy food and drink articles are pouring in, what would you say are your most popular dishes and drinks this summer? 

BTP: Smoothies and milkshakes are one of our bestselling drinks for summer. Our food menu alters for summer and our best sellers are pitta breads (lamb and halloumi) as well as cauliflower couscous salad and sweet potato fritters. 

TLW: You advertise a café who are determined to supply food and drink that “nourish the body and warm the heart.” What would you recommend on the menu for the person who pursues having that elusive ‘Summer Body.’? 

BTP: Our “Sesame Chicken” is perfect for the summer body with beautifully flavoured chicken on a bed of brown rice packed with vegetables which pairs well with a Kiwi, Orange and Banana smoothie.

Recently, I was invited to sample the summer beverages of renowned independent café, Boston Tea Party. As a regular customer at the Cheltenham branch, I was ecstatic to be greeted with the charm and instant familiarity at the Worcester branch. After a wonderful afternoon of BTP 101, I'm here to explain why Boston Tea Party is the most splendid summer hangout.


Milkshakes always send me into thoughts of 20th Century courting and cinematic moments in American-style diners- when Rizzo throws her milkshake over Kenickie or the titular moment where a young George McFly demands a chocolate milkshake before declaring that his future wife is his density. 

Boston transports you back to the classic 50’s American diner with milkshakes reminiscent of the high school years and as indulgent as those that were eagerly devoured back then. The delicious Marathon Milkshake is ripe with flavour with a coalesce of chocolate, caramel syrup, peanut butter and milk that concocts a variety of seasoning upon the tongue. Whilst the delectable Banoffe Milkshake, on the other hand, is a subtle blend of banana, honey, milk and toffee syrup which softly enriches in taste as it’s consumed. 

So throw on your vintage attire and relive the swinging summer of the 50’s.


If you're searching for for that sweet, summer zest, I highly recommend Boston’s Old-Fashioned Real Lemonade. Boston strips back and returns the primordial lemonade with their simple blend of lemons, sugar, ice and water. Made fresh upon request, this jar of goodness revitalises the palette of any prior taste and exfoliates the mouth with its refreshing taste. I often find myself drinking this when I've got a deadline at work due; that spring of fresh twinge of light bitterness perks you up better than coffee.

It may not beat a glass of wine, but as rejuvenating fruit iced tea served in hipster mason jars becomes bigger in the world, the demand for Boston's Red Berry Iced Tea has skyrocketed for those ultimately feel-good gatherings between friends. Created from a mixture of red berries and hibiscus with an apple juice base, The Red Berry Iced Tea supplies the perfect fruity and flavoursome drink with a feminine outlook. 


Smoothies are undoubtedly the most inventive and ambiguous of cool drinks and are absurdly addictive. When I made my first appearance at Boston Tea Party, my friends knew how fussy I'd be and selected a smoothie and just said "go with it". I'm glad I did - the workers at Boston take great and thorough care in creating quintessential smoothies that are perfect for on-the-go businessmen, health lovers and gym goers.

It wouldn't be right if I didn't begin with the smoothie that began my love affair with the independant business. Whenever I've been in need of a study space with revision or paperwork to complete, I immediately take to the intimate seclusion of Boston and relax with their Raspberry and Mango Smoothie. I perhaps am biased in my love for this number, with its evident nostalgia for my relationship with the brand but with an apple juice and ice base, the raspberry and mango integrate and become a glass of continuous revival and revitalisation that I can never resist. It fortifies the temptation to procrastinate and the urge to slip into slumber and maintains a perfect balance of hydration.

Taking two starkly conflicting ingredients and binding them into one can go either way. But it appears that it can only be positive with the Super Blueberry and Ginger Smoothie. The sleek and sultry taste of blueberries mixed with the stifling tang of ginger produce a striking and almost overwhelming smoothie. Whilst seemingly blended, you don’t get one ingredient or the other but you get both with this smoothie. The distinct blends take turns in elevating your mouth with flavour. If you’re on-the-go and need a boost, this smoothie is for you.

Now, there is a rare minority among us humans that are called ‘morning people.’ It appears to be an elusive phenomena but Boston may have just solved the mystery as to why these people are so chirpy in the early hours of the day. Their Breakfast Berry Blast Off Smoothie fuses the contrasting relishes of berries, yoghurt, oats and honey and produces a – as the title explains- breakfast blast off! This wasn't particularly my favourite drink to sample but if you want to say goodbye to the panda-eyed, foul-mood mornings and hello to a merry and jovial start to the day, I'd highly recommend this.


Left to Right: Ginger, Rose & Cardamom Tea, Guest Tea, Moroccan Mint Tea and Boston Red Berry.

I do have a confession to make; I'm not a tea drinker. It's a shock, I know, I've been here long enough to attest to the British stereotype, however, I've never had an interest in the regular brew. Don't get me wrong, I love making tea, I just don't drink it myself for which is why I was very apprehensive when the company asked me to sample their tea selection. 

Upon viewing the contents of the Ginger, Rose & Cardamom Tea, it cannot be helped but take you into the land of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. For anyone who is familiar with the story, particular children, this drink is for you. At first it does not taste of something stifling but its combination of real rosebuds and spices slowly reveal themselves into a full-bodied and flavoured drink. The only thing it was lacking was the company of the March Hare, the Hatter, and a slumbering Dormouse.

At every branch of Boston Tea Party, there is a different clandestine Guest Tea. Supporting the summer love, the Worcester store produced Strawberry Noir; a mouth-watering black China tea. The dark base is lifted by intense strawberry notes that linger on the tongue and ultimately provide subtle but saccharine aftertaste. It proved to be a delectable surprise and I would recommend asking for a Guest Tea at your local Boston.

For those who desire to be in the hotter quarters of the land but sadly cannot, do not fear, Boston’s Moroccan Mint Tea successfully transports you to that very place you wish to be with its blend of organic gunpowder and fresh mint leaves. Perhaps my favourite of the tea I was lucky to try, I found its effect on the tongue equivalent to that of chewing gum thanks to its fresh, rich and succulent flavour. The chilly taste juxtaposes the essentially hot base of the drink which – surprisingly – works flawlessly! 

The final tea I sampled comes as a perfect counterpart to their Red Berry Iced Tea; the Boston Red Berry Tea is a pot of white-hot, red-blooded, and luscious delight. It is a slow release of the senses with a subtle cleansing of the mouth before the rose hips, hibiscus, raisins, elderberries and other flowers explode with flavour and warming essence.

I was quite prepared to feel disdain as I drank the tea but I found myself extremely pleasantly surprised by the selection and I must admit, I will be returning for another Moroccan Mint Tea in future.

Get yourself to your local Boston Tea Party and revel in the taste of summer!



All BTP Branches have their own personal Instagram Accounts.

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  1. It's a very good and educational read as always Tammy. Love to be sharing one of those with you right now xx

    1. Thank you, BTP is an excellent dining experience.

  2. This has had me thinking about tea all day

    1. See if you can find a branch near you and sate that need for tea:


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