Introducing Letters ― An Anthology.

In these four years, I have been writing a story. A story that has cultivated the interest of many and piqued the curiosity of those who dare to look beyond the verse. In these four years, I have been sharing a journey. A journey that resonated with many and tugged at the heartstrings of those who could hardly fathom the emotion laced within the words that they read. In these four years, I have been learning. Learning through my own utterances of which path I should step onto next.

These four years have been, most likely, the most critical and unforgettable years of my life. It has been a period of time for which I have evolved. What’s more, I have shared these years with you, my readers. But, of course, it has never truly been clear just what story I tell. Although I lay bare in exposure through my words, I am clandestine in your eyes. And–lovable teaser that I am– will leave that conclusion up to you.

Rhythm and rhyme conceal me,
But not one has seen me.
Only can I be seen when the pieces are restored.
To their rightful place, when they are bound together.

What is my story?

To mark these four years, I have an amazing announcement. In May 2016, I will be releasing LETTERS – an anthology. The book is constructed of every single poem I have written in the last four years; some known, and some that were left unpublished. It is a book that will make you ponder, just like the riddle above,“what is the story I am reading?”

It’s a truly sensational feeling being able to temporarily close the book on my story with this final (for now, at least) anthology. Four years of blood, sweat, tears, and joy being compacted into one book. What makes this news even better? I will not only be publishing this book online, it will also be available in paperback – to any bookstore near you!

I am so proud of this book and I truly hope you enjoy it too.


The test is not when you lose your footing, 
but whether you can regain it.

Wilkins’ personal endeavours from the past and present dominate her poetry, exploring loss, heartbreak, redemption and unconditional hope for a better future. Her famous raw and cut-throat poetry provides a fresh perspective on the perils in life and evokes thoughts not often indulged whilst her occasional sensual compositions explain a softer side to the sharp edge of her other works. 

The question is; what is the story she tells?


A beautiful collection of heartfelt and honest poetry, delving into one's reflections on life, friendship, love, relationships and the twists and turns experience along the way of their unique journey. ― Debra Lane

Simply beautiful! ― Caroline Juliette

Wilkins exposes her heart and soul in her writing. It is said that it is better to have loved; but losing love brings tears, and in those emotions, Ms. Wilkins expresses those feelings powerfully. 
― Karen Everett

It is clear there is a fiercely passionate heart beating within her, defined through these wonderful words. ― Cameron Lincoln

Wilkins' poetry holds the reader's interest as the storyline of romance, love, relationships, and all of the ups and downs of life unravel on the pages through verse. I only hope she decides to continue to please us with more poetic verse to come. ― PJ Bayliss


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