My Intimate Poetry: Glue.

We are shattered pieces, and yet to become glue. ― Tammy-Louise Wilkins

I see your pain, 
I feel it too. 
Nobody should be subjected to such hurt;
Especially, not you. 

I see your fear, 
I feel it too. 
You need not fear me, 
I wish you knew. 

I see your hope, 
I feel it too. 
I see your gaze flick to mine, 
Oh, I wish you could see how my heart flew. 

But I see her, 
I see your pain. 
I see the guilt but 
you're not to blame. 

I see us, 
you see it too. 
What we could be, 
something brand new. 

But it is not time; 
I understand that this is true. 
Your heart just as broken as mine, 
we are shattered pieces, and yet to become glue.

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