Tammy-Louise Wilkins is a philosophy professor and photographer based in Cheltenham.

From the age of ten, Wilkins dreamed of following in the footsteps of her literary inspirations – such as William Shakespeare and Christina Rossetti – and produce tales too poignant not to strike a nerve with others. It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome in 2011 that she put pen to paper and finally wrote that one story that always perched upon the tip of her tongue to tell.

After successfully running this blog for five years, Wilkins has published four poetry anthologies– collated in her fifth publication, Letters. Within this time, Wilkins discovered an interest in extending her poetic expression to the visual arts. Her work is mostly fashioned of self-portraiture and portraiture, with claustrophobic space and picturesque scenes being the backdrop for these compositions.

She has three completed photography books, all of which will be released for public sales in the coming year. Click here to learn more about her books.

For any enquiries: 
Email: tammy-louisewilkins@hotmail.com 
Facebook: Tammy-Louise Wilkins Photography 
Instagram: @_TammyLouiseWilkins

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