The test is not when you lose your footing but whether you can regain it. 

Wilkins’ personal endeavours from the past and present dominate her poetry, exploring loss, heartbreak, redemption and unconditional hope for a better future. Her famous raw and cut-throat poetry provides a fresh perspective on the perils in life and evokes thoughts not often indulged whilst her occasional sensual compositions explain a softer side to the sharp edge of her other works. 

The question is; what is the story she tells?


In literature and fairy-tale, love comes in threes: the protagonist, the love interest, and the antagonist. For centuries, these stories have kept the hopes of many a young child that love will always win.

 But when it does not, how does one live on? 

Oxygen explores the realities of love when it is not always requited nor honest and the perils of overcoming the pain of enduring this. Wilkins continues to question the ethical and moral correctness of the world as she has done in her previous works but this time, she takes the nerve and strikes it hard.


Searching for Solace in the face of violence. 

Shortly after the events of Oxygen, a new instalment to what was planned to be a stand-alone arose. Having garnered a taste for the harrowing expositions of heartbreak and enduring its pivotal changes of view in society, Wilkins returns with Solace; a second instalment searching for understanding in why one thinks they way one does about another.


Change is not bad.

Inspired by current surrealists and their interception of religion, Wilkins explores her own experiences with the perils of religious conversion under the roof of a devout family. 

Verandering is a short photographical composition for which details, in simple terms, the unnecessary stigma of religious conversion that has still followed society into the liberated 21st Century.

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